• You can only particpate once a day. If you have bought more Budweiser products you want to scan, you can always try these on another day.

    • It's only possible to participate using a mobile device with a camera. A tablet with a camera might also work, but not all tablets are supported.

    • If you are a winner, congratulations! What should you do? Nothing. We will contact you confirming your win. All you need to do is wait for your exclusive prize to be delivered. If you do not receive your prize after some time, contact us at budweiser@custodian.ie

    • Sometimes our emails won’t reach you – they may end up in a spam filter or fall through the cracks of the internet. Don’t worry, the confirmation email is just a nice extra to show your friends that you’ve won.

      At the moment of entry, your data was captured. We’ve got your back and we will send you your prize. If there is a problem, we will give you a call.

    • If you couldn’t complete the step where you supply us your personal data – which we need if your prize is to be delivered to your home – there is a simple solution. Just create an account with the same email address you used while entering your code and we will link the personal data you entered to your win.

    • If you have questions regarding the Budweiser Premier League sweepstake we advise you to read the  Game Rules

      If you still have questions you can send an email to budweiser@custodian.ie

    • If you have forgotten your password you can always use the 'Can't access your account' link in the login screen to reset your password.

    • When you choose to create an account we sent you an email with a link to activate your account. That link is valid for two weeks, after that period your account will be deleted. This does not affect any of your participations.

      You can always create an account by clicking the login button (right top) and selecting 'Create new account'. If your account was deleted you will need to enter your personal data again.

    • You can link your Budweiser account to you Facebook login. This makes it easier for you to login without remembering another username/password. However, this is optional! You can use all functionality of your account and of this website without linking to Facebook.

    • Because you will probably enter the competition more than once and over a longer period we want to save you the effort of filling out your data again and again. That's where a user account comes in handy.

      In the future, your Budweiser account might be extended with extra features and/or be used in other promotions.

      We will not send you any promotional messages unless you also subscribed to our newsletter by selecting 'Keep me informed about Budweiser'.

    • If you didn't activate your account yet - using the email we sent you - you don't have to do anything. All non-activated accounts are deleted two weeks after creation.

      To delete an activated account, please: login, go to My Profile and click the 'Delete my account' button at the bottom. Your account will be deleted instantly. You can still enter our competition, but - because of technical reasons - any previous participation that has already been linked to your account will be deleted.

      To unsubcribe from our email newsletter, please use the 'unsubscribe' link that is at the bottom of each newsletter you receive.

    • We ask for your date of birth because we want to make sure you’re of legal drinking age. We ask for your email address to keep the competition fair and prevent people from trying to enter more than once a day. We ask for your country because only residents of certain countries can participate and depending on your country you might be eligible for different prizes.

      We might need your name, address and phone number to make sure we can reach out to you and deliver your prizes.

      If you've chosen to create an account, we will keep your data in your account so you can easily participate multiple times and take part in other future promotions we might have. 

      How we process and use your data is explained in more detail in our Privacy Policy.

    • Login to your account, choose ‘My Profile’ and tick the ‘edit’ icon at the right of the field that you want to update.

      Forgot your password? Use the ‘Can’t access your account’ link in the login screen to reset your password.